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About DDAT


Since 2004 DDAT Realty LLC has been developing real estate in the Baltimore area.  What started as a means of passive income has turned into a purposeful organization whose main focus is to make luxury affordable to all - our mantra: Everyone Deserves an Exquisite Home.

Throughout the years DDAT Realty has grown to offer real estate development, property management, and investment seminars.  We do most of our work in sorely needed development area.  Where one might see urban blight, DDAT Realty Management LLC sees a diamond in the rough.  This conceptualization puts the community as active stakeholders.  We strategically plan our builds in areas where current community members can take advantage of a myriad of city offered initiatives leading to home ownership.

By staying true to our mission DDAT Realty intends to be a long-term partner with the communities in which we build. To restore and regenerate neighborhoods with the community members as active partners.


DDAT Homes LLC is a real estate development company doing the work of rehabilitating dilapidated structures and turning them into beautiful and affordable homes.  We build affordable luxury.  DDAT Homes LLC has been operating mainly in the Baltimore Metropolitan area since 2012.  DDAT Homes LLC rehabilitates homes to positively affect the esthetic of a neighborhood and brings pride to the existing community.


DDAT Realty is engaged in investing in holds and flips in the Baltimore City area. We have been involved with the rehabilitation of properties for rentals and re-sale in Baltimore, MD and Detroit, MI since 2004. We have 14 properties in rental inventory and four active flip projects underway.

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